Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free trial download of call accounting Mate.
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Call Accounting Software Download for reporting on telephone calls. Unbelievable price for sophisticated web call accounting software.  Starts at 375.00 USD.  
Nortel, Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Siemens, Sphere,  Samsung, Alcatel and many more...
The world's most popular free to try call accounting software ... Call Accounting Mate
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - The best call accounting software in the world.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Implementations in virtually every PBX, VOIP environment.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download.
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Call Accounting MateDownload Free Call Accounting Software.

Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software. Call Accounting Mate is an industrial strength, fast and reliable call accounting software package for monitoring and reporting telephone call activity.  Call Accounting Mate can be deployed in virtually any enterprise including hospitality, retail, government agencies, brokers, professional firms, banks and  universities.  Telecom mangers find it increasingly difficult  to allocate telecom costs to various  departments or cost centers or individuals. This telemanagement solution will pinpoint charges, highlight misuse and increase productivity.

Call Accounting Mate can monitor incoming and outgoing calls in real time.  Alarms and reports can be scheduled for 911 emergency notification,  toll fraud or misuse reporting. A built-in contact database can be used to quickly identify all calls made to / from a particular telephone number and tagged as personal or business related.

Call Accounting Software from www.callaccounting.wsDo you need a concise report on the 20 calls that lasted the longest for a given period? Want to know what are the most expensive 20 calls or which numbers in the company were called the most often? With Call Accounting Mate, all the above information is just a click away.

With advanced features such as multiple carrier support, communication to KSU, PABX or VoIP servers, multiple protocol support (serial, telnet, ODBC, File and more), Account Code / Pin codes for roaming users, Call Accounting Mate is the most advanced call accounting system available.

The software has a library of JavaScript drivers designed to translate call detail recording (CDR) information from  virtually all major manufacturers including Asterisk, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, NEC, Nortel,  Mitel, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic and more.

Call Accounting Mate is the only call accounting software on the market today to be completely web browser-based and self-contained. There is no complicated installation and configuration of IIS or Apache. 

We encourage you to look at the features of Call Accounting Mate, preview our latest brochure, try our free download or buy  your very own "Mate".

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Easy to install
100% Web Browser Based.  No additional  web server required.
Works in any country
Flexible Cost Calculation
Extensive & flexible reports
Task Scheduler for automated reports and emergency notification
Connects to  virtually all IP, PBX and Key telephone systems.

Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Try our online demo
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Call Accounting Mate is the world's most popular shareware call accounting software!

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