Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software. Unbelievable price for sophisticated web call accounting software.  Starts at 375.00 USD.  
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
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Small Footprint, SQL and XML 100% Browser Based Embedded SQL database
User- friendly Extensive and flexible reports Supports most IP, PBX and key phone systems
Flexible Cost Calculation Support for Pin/Account Codes Contacts Database
Support for both incoming and outgoing calls Cost calculation based on (CO) Line Number Statistics
Built-in Query Builder Regular Upgrades Professional Technical Support
Scheduled Reporting by email Emergency Notification Customizable reports and views
Integrated context sensitive help with live updates. Windows style software upgrades XML interface to Third Party applications
 Small Footprint, SQL and XML

Our aim is to make Call Accounting Mate small, fast and reliable. The entire installation package is less than 2MB, complete with a custom made web server, embedded SQL engine, PDF generation, Excel generation, XML integration and more. In fact, Call Accounting Mate is so efficient that you can even run the system on a Pentium II machine with 128MB RAM.

 100% Browser Based

The entire Call Accounting system is set up, administered and used from a browser. All functions of Call Accounting Mate, including data entry, reporting, maintenance, system upgrade and system backup, are accessible from the browser.

Unlike other LAN-based call accounting systems, there is no need to install client side executables to access Call Accounting Mate. You can just use any browser, on LAN or WAN, which has access to the Call Accounting Mate server.

 Embedded SQL database

Call Accounting Mate can run on a Pentium II with 128 MB Ram without any problem. With 1 million records on the same machine, a complicated report can be generated and displayed in less than 15 seconds!  The software has a built-in SQL database engine for maximum performance.


We have built Call Accounting Mate to be extremely user friendly. In fact, it is so simple to use the system that most users do not even have to read the manual. Everything is logically placed as much as possible on the same screen.

For example, why is there a need to have two different screens for departments and users? Since they are logically related, wouldn't it be better to allow the user to have access to both on the same screen? In fact, most functions in Call Accounting Mate are accessible within 2 mouse clicks away.

Unlike many other call accounting systems, our team has actually sat down and brain stormed through each and every process, screen and procedure of Call Accounting Mate. And it is easy for users to see that as soon as they start to use the system.

With extensive use of collapsible / expendable menus, combo boxes, tool tips, context sensitive help etc, these features have made it extremely easy for users to navigate through the entire Call Accounting Mate system.

Extensive and flexible reports

Extensive and flexible reports are all included in Call Accounting Mate. The reports are generated in PDF and excel formats, and have extensive filtering capability built in.

Additional reports requests can be facilitated at no extra costs, as long as they are useful to most other users.

To see reports samples that can be generated by Call Accounting Mate, please refer to our reports section.

Supports most IP,  PBX and key phone systems

Call Accounting Mate supports most of the common PBXs. We have integrated the system on NEC, Panasonic, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel, Cisco, Asterisk, etc.

If a specific system is not in our library, you can contact us with a sample of your Call Ditail Records (CDR) or Station Message Detail Records (SMDR) and we can create a new driver for you.

click here for more details

Flexible Cost Calculation

Call Accounting Mate has many different cost calculation built into the system, therefore enabling the system to work in most countries. We have users in more than 30 countries using Call Accounting Mate.

The following cost calculation methods are supported and can be used by itself or in conjunction with other methods:

Flat Cost - Each call is charged at a flat rate
Flat Cost / Duration - Each call is charged according to the duration.
                                          For example, given the following parameters:

  • Each block is calculated as 6 seconds or less
  • Each block charged at 5 cents
Given a call lasting 1 minute (or 60 seconds / 6 = 10 blocks) , the system can calculate the correct cost.
2 Tier cost / Duration - In this method, the 1st block can have a different rate and                                             subsequent blocks another rate.
Toll Free - No cost associated with these numbers.
Toll Nos - These can be 1900 numbers or any other numbers that have special                       revelence in that country.
STD - Cost calculation for calls that are made within the same country.
Local - Cost calculation for calls made within the same state.

In addition to the above, many other parameters can be set within each type. As an example, many carriers charge different rates for calls to Mobile, to land lines or from state to state. These are all supported within Call Accounting Mate.

Support for Pin / Account Codes

With support for Pin / Account codes, it is possible to continue to associate costs with a particular user, while giving him the flexibility to make calls from any extension within the office.

This feature is also often used by lawyers and other professionals who need to bill respective clients for calls made to them.

Contacts Database

The system has a built-in contacts database, which allows users to store multiple numbers for each contact. Reports can then be printed out to see when, who and how long calls were made or received from each contact in the database.

Support for both incoming and outgoing calls

The system supports logging of all incoming and outgoing calls, as long as your phone system supports this feature.

On some systems, you may need to subscribe to caller ID from your carrier or telephone operator.

Cost calculation based on (CO) Line Number

Many companies have multiple lines from multiple carriers. For example, line 1 may be from AT&T while line 2 may be from MCI. Each carrier may use the same code for international dialing, but may charge different rates.

While most other call accounting software do not support this, with Call Accounting Mate, you
can specify which line belongs to which carrier and can still have the rates calculated correctly.


Using the statistical reports generated by Call Accounting Mate, you can pinpoint the peak periods in your office. You can also make use of the reports to view the number of calls made / received by the respective departments.

Built-in Query Builder

For advanced users, a built-in query builder is included within Call Accounting Mate. You can construct SQL statements and save them for use at a later time. For reference, you can refer to some examples that are already included in the system.

Regular Upgrades

Customers can just download the latest version of the software and typically install over the current version.  Customers that subscribe to a maintenance plan will receive front of the line support and updates.

Professional Technical Support

We have put in our utmost efforts to make Call Accounting Mate as user friendly, stable and efficient as we possibly can. However, no matter how good a product is, it is useless when you cannot get prompt technical support.

Our technical team is made up of the same people who actually wrote the system. This same technical support team helps customers, from over 30 countries, get started with our product. If needed, the team members can even remotely manage customers systems, right from installation, configuration to upgrades.

In addition, the technical team can be contacted directly either via our main telephone numbers or emails. Generally, most cases are solved right away, with some taking no longer than 24 hours to rectify.

Scheduled Reporting by email

With Call Accounting Mate it is possible to automate reporting via email. Just select the reports that you want, define the different filters and add the email addresses where you want the reports emailed. The built in scheduler will email the selected reports automatically according to the the selected parameters (eg, email each day at noon, or monthly, or when an event occurs).
Emergency Notification

With this feature, all you need to do is enter the numbers that you want to monitor. Each time a call is made to or from these numbers, an email will be automatically generated to alert you. This feature can be used for 911 emergency alerts, to check if anyone is calling your competitors, former staff members or pay services.
Customizable reports and views

Select how you want your on screen views and reports to look like. Want data to be displayed in ascending order? No problems. Want to define a totally new view of your data which we did not think of? No problems. Just use the built in template generator to unlock trends in the data.
Integrated context sensitive help with live updates.

We built an extensive online help system linked directly to our online help database. Using XML technology, help topics are dynamically updated from our database each time a new update is available. With this approach, the biggest advantage from the end user point of view is as each new topic becomes available, a link is dynamically displayed to indicate that help is available for that topic. It also has the advantage that the user gets the latest information on any topic.
Windows style software upgrades

Since we often  update our software with new features, we felt it necessary to use a mechanism that allows our users to update the software quickly and easily. Built into Call Accounting Mate is a software update mechanism much like what Microsoft uses to update their OS. Just click on the update function, pick the updates you want to install and click on install. That's all ! Your investment in Call Accounting Mate will never be out of date.
XML Interface to Third Party Applications

Want to use our priced call records in real time in another application?   Our database can be queried with a simple http:// request and an XML file will be sent to your application.  A record identifier can mark its position.  This is ideal for integration to accounting and hotel billing software.  Talk to us about your application!


Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Try our online demo
Call Accounting Mate is more than just a simple call accounting system. It is also a complete telephone management system. Implementation of Call Accounting Mate has ensured that the company’s phone lines are strictly used for official business purposes. The concise reports help to pinpoint potential misuse of the company’s phone lines through the identification of exceptionally long or expensive calls. After just 3 months of implementation of Call Accounting Mate, I have saved a sizeable amount of money on phone expenses.
- Jenny Butt
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