Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software. Unbelievable price for sophisticated web call accounting software.  Starts at 375.00 USD.  
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.



Call Accounting Mate introduces Javascript drivers for major VoIP, PABX and KSU manufacturers

SINGAPORE -  December 4, .2003 - announced today that it has developed an integrated Javascript mechanism to translate call records into  its Call Accounting Mate software.   The software now boasts a large library of drivers capable of manipulating, translating and importing call detail records (CDR) from virtually any telephone system.

The software now ships with dozens of predefined drivers from popular switch manufacturers.  Customers that have a system that is not available from our standard library can have a new driver configured within hours.   All the latest drivers are made available for download from with the software if the customer has an internet connection.

For brevity, the following is a partial list of some of the most common manufacturers supported by Call Accounting Mate:

3Com networked telephony solutions feature easily customized, highly scalable IP telephony systems with proven reliability and cost-effective capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

Alcatel is the world’s leading supplier of telecommunication infrastructures and a market leader in high speed Internet access and optical networks. Alcatel delivers turnkey solutions for simple telephone service or for complex multimedia networks.  Customers vary from telecommunications operators and Internet service providers to businesses and consumers.

AltiGen Communications 
AltiGen is a leading manufacturer of IP telephony and contact center solutions. The company designs, manufactures and markets next generation, IP PBX telephone systems and IP contact centers that use both the Internet and the public telephone network to enable an array of applications that take advantage of the convergence of voice and data communications. AltiGen Communications products are available from authorized resellers. AltiGen’s AltiServ™ has been recognized for excellence with more than 40 industry awards since 1996.

AMTELCO has been a leading provider of customized call center innovations for more than 25 years. With a strong background in the telephone answering service industry, AMTELCO's primary focus is to design systems that offer cutting-edge technology, which reduces labor costs and increases profitability. Today, AMTELCO's specialized Call Center Innovations are recognized throughout the industry for improving customer service with straight-forward procedures and trouble-free system maintenance.

Artisoft (TeleVantage)
(see Vertical)

Asterisk the Open Source PBX,  is a complete PBX in software. It runs on Linux, BSD and MacOSX and provides all of the features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice over IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.

For more information about Call Accounting Mate integration with Asterisk, 
please visit:

The Atlas product line includes analog and digital telephone systems, and complimentary peripheral products, making a complete family of compatible telephones and systems designed to fulfill your company's telecommunications demands today and tomorrow. Companies that require from two to over four- hundred telephones will appreciate the forward and backward migration abilities of Atlas products, which leverages your investment as your company grows and changes. Atlas telephone systems have earned a reputation as high quality, extremely flexibility and price-competitive products that are ergonomically designed for easy operation.

AMTELCO has been a leading provider of customized call center innovations for more than 25 years. With a strong background in the telephone answering service industry, AMTELCO's primary focus is to design systems that offer cutting-edge technology, which reduces labor costs and increases profitability. Today, AMTELCO's specialized Call Center Innovations are recognized throughout the industry for improving customer service with straight-forward procedures and trouble-free system maintenance.

Since its inception, AudioCodes has made significant contributions to the development of voice over packet networks. AudioCodes' voice compression technology permits the high quality transmission of voice over packet networks using substantially less network capacity than used in traditional telephone networks. The company has provided a leadership role in the evolution of voice over packet technology - from algorithms and chip development to communication boards and modules.

Avaya is a global leader in communication systems, applications and services. We design, build, deploy and manage networks for enterprises. Customers range from small businesses and nonprofit agencies up to more than 90% of the companies in the FORTUNE 500, and the U.S. government. They all rely on Avaya for reliable, secure networks that facilitate customer relationships, enhance productivity and maximize profitability.

For more information about Call Accounting Mate integration with Avaya IP Office, 
please visit:

Cisco (Call Manager)
Cisco believes the Internet will transform the way people work, live, play, and learn. Today change is happening faster than ever before.  Facilitating communication is critical in making people and business more agile. Cisco Systems, Inc. is the dominant worldwide leader in end-to-end enterprise network solutions. The company AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) is the standard for internet business solutions.  Cisco Call Manager is rapidly gaining a dominant market share.

For more information about Call Accounting Mate integration with Cisco Call Manager, 
please visit:

(see Vertical)
Comdial Corporation develops and markets sophisticated communications products for small- to mid-sized offices.Their innovative product offerings include advanced business phone systems, voice over IP (VoIP), voice processing, unified messaging, and computer telephony integration solutions.  Comdial was acquired by Vertical.

We offer a complete line of single-line telephones, two-line telephones, cordless telephones, key system and voice mail products. Let us assist you in selecting the best product at the best price for your application, after all, we have been"Keeping your connected for over 100 years".

BusinessPhone offers you a wide selection of solutions that target the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. These range from Mobility solutions for your staff in the office or your team out in the field, to IP Telephony, Messaging and even Contact Center solutions. You name it, and BusinessPhone has it: So that you have the option of combining one or more solutions of your choice into your BusinessPhone. And getting a tailor-made solution built precisely to your needs.

ESI designs and manufactures telephone systems and components for businesses. ESI’s systems offer advanced technological design and extreme ease of use, yet are very cost-competitive. The award-winning product lines include IVX All-In-One Digital Phone Systems, and IP E-Class, full-featured IP PBX systems that are cost-effective for smaller enterprises. ESI’s business phone systems are sold through hundreds of factory-trained Certified Resellers. Founded in 1987, ESI is a rapidly growing, privately held corporation with headquarters in Plano, Texas. 


Fujitsu collaborates with renowned PBX solution vendors in providing traditional, hybrid and IP PBX solutions to meet all customers' needs. The solutions we provide include ACD, Call Centre, CRM and Voice Recognition applications. In addition, we also provide customisation services for integrating our PBX to customer's existing system.

Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. With headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, the company has annual sales of over $3 billion and has more than 13,000 employees – including 5,500 engineers and scientists – dedicated to the development of best-in-class assured communications™ products, systems, and services

Hitachi's PBX Systems continue to set the standard in their markets. The products provide a powerful array of cutting-edge amenities and generate greater revenue for the system operator, all with a single communications system. And we are continually improving our superior products to offer even more market leading features that have yet to be matched.

The Axxess Converged Communications System meets your business's challenges and dynamic needs. Superior performance, dependability and seamless expansion capabilities are critical components to growing your business without interruption. You need a flexible, scalable system that will adapt to emerging technologies-so you're not stuck with a storeroom of outdated components. The ability to add applications, upgrades and functionality through software is imperative to minimize and protect your investment in hardware.


Iwatsu's systems are designed with customization in mind. These systems are built with the architecture to promote performance and growth, resulting in less time invested by you. Our entire family of products are made to order - whether an affordable digital system or in-building wireless system, voice processing / unified messaging, IP telephony or voice response product.

(see Avaya)

Mitel  is a leading global provider of enterprise and small business communications solutions and services. The company focuses on blending powerful infrastructure with an intuitive human interface to deliver the benefits of voice, video and data convergence to the user. The company focuses its efforts on Internet Protocol (IP) and the benefits it enables through the convergence of voice, video and data over a single broadband network.
  Mitel brands include SX and ICP series.

For more information about Call Accounting Mate integration with Mitel ICP, 
please visit:

From the beginning of telephony to broadband Internet technology, NEC has devoted more than 100 years of technological innovation to serving people around the world.

(see NEC)

Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and secure and protect the world's most critical information. Serving both service provider and enterprise customers, Nortel delivers innovative technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to help people solve the world's greatest challenges.
Nortel is the maker of  Norstar, BCM, Meridian and CS1000 (formerly Succession)


Panasonic provides complete communications solution incorporating multi-cell wireless + IP technology. The power, flexibility, and expansion capabilities to match your growing business.

Quintum Tenor

Quintum Technologies is a seven-year-old Voice over IP company, based in Eatontown, New Jersey, with distribution in more than 67 countries around the world. We have been recognized as one of the fastest growing VoIP gateway companies, and we are the #2 player in market share for the low density (less than 1,000 ports) VoIP market (InStat/MDR). Quintum is also a Nortel Developer Partner, providing the "branch office gateway" IP telephony solution for the Communication Server 1000 IP PBX and BCM.


(see Siemens)

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is the proud developer, manufacturer and distributor of a complete line of communications management solutions (CMS). Founded in 1990, RSI believes in leveraging leading edge technologies to provide concrete tools for information managers. We believe communication is the key to a world that demands instantaneous results. We develop, manufacture and distribute communication management applications for: call accounting, computer/telephony screen pops, scall routing, toll fraud, alert notification, wake up calls, hotel/motel billing, instant messaging, carrier comparisons, rebilling, facilities management, equipment billing. RSI offers Visual Rapport and tools CTI Pack which provide CDR for third party billing systems.  

For more information about Call Accounting Mate integration with RSI Visual Rapport or tools CTI Pack  please visit:


DCS gives you sophisticated call-handling facilities to optimize service to callers. When a group receives a call, the DCS will direct the call to the first available person in that group. If no assistance is available and the call is held in a queue, the system will play a message to the caller, reassuring them of prompt attention as soon as a call handler becomes free. System flexibility enables group supervisors to monitor the status of all incoming calls, and to bring the staff in and out of a group as necessary.

ShoreTel is a leading provider of IP telephony solutions worldwide and well known for exceptional customer satisfaction. ShoreTel's unique architectural approach to IP telephony delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability, plus a user interface that sets the standard for ease-of-use.

Siemens HiPath products provide the perfect bridge to efficient IP--based communications with Siemens excellence for service and reliability as the core foundation. We are the experts in feature rich circuit-switched applications. We have unparalleled expertise in broadband and IP solutions. We produce products that conform to industry standards, and industry trends show that flexibility is a must to keep pace with the changing marketplace.

Sphere is a leader in enterprise communications system technology, providing customers with powerful and innovative Voice over IP solutions. Delivering real world, mission-critical IP telephony systems to satisfied customers for six years, Sphere Communications today ships its award-winning Sphericall VoIP communications system to thousands of users in all types of commercial and governmental organizations.

Sprint Protégé - CTX

TalkSwitch is a new-breed, all-in-one phone system designed specifically for businesses with 1 to 32 phone users per location. Its big-company features and intelligent capabilities work right out of the box and are a snap to customize. But TalkSwitch is more than just a PBX telephone system; it integrates standard analog telephones, fax machines, cellular and offsite phones with the traditional telephone network and the Internet for VoIP (Voice over IP).

At Tadiran Telecom, we know companies need to migrate to converged technologies by building on existing network investments. Our Coral IP-enabled servers allow you to add functionality and capacity as your business needs change and grow – helping to minimize your total infrastructure cost over time.  Systems include Coral and Emerald series.

Tekelec is a leading developer of now and next-generation switching and signaling telecommunications solutions, business intelligence tools and value-added applications.


Drawing on over 50 years of experience, Telrad Networks is a leading provider of cutting-edge telecommunications solutions compliant with the highest standards in a wide range of areas.

Telappliant is the UK and European provider of low-cost IP Telephony solutions for your business. We can rapidly deploy a wide range of advanced and cost-effective VoIP solutions and services, ranging from office IP PBXs to bespoke Calling Card Platforms and IP call termination services.

Toshiba's Strata family of digital business telephone systems is a market leader in providing innovative solutions for your business needs.  Depending on your company's size and requirements, Toshiba has the right telecommunication system for you.

Vertical Communications helps companies boost revenue, increase productivity and provide superior customer service by unlocking the hidden potential of their existing telephone systems. The Vertical portfolio now includes Artisoft and Comdial.


With all the choices, the technology and the possible applications, business communications are no simple matter today. Voice mail, e-mail, the internet, call centers, computer telephony, networking - all may be part of your communications system. Vodavi's TRIAD family provides affordable and easy-to-use solutions starting as small as 3 lines and 8 stations with the capacity to grow up to 144 lines and 252 stations. TRIAD is an advanced communications solution that is prepared to handle all the application needs of a growing business today and in the future. TRIAD products are available only through authorized dealers who are trained and certified by Vodavi.

VOIspeed is a software system developed by  Harpax. it has been involved in telecommunications solutions since 1996 and it is exclusive distributor in Italy for Wi-LAN radio-wireless solutions and PAV LASER solutions

All WIN 440CT Series systems are designed to be versatile, reliable, scalable and economical. Each of the WIN systems are a member of a series. Features, telephones and common control/expansion hardware all migrate from the smallest system to the largest. With a WIN 440CT Series system, you can achieve today's advanced digital communications technology and enhance productivity and the flow of communication throughout your organization.

XBlue represents a crossing of communications technologies. To provide the best value to small business XBLUE’s current and future products will offer a powerful combination of communications’ technologies including digital, wireless, WiFi and Bluetooth.

About Call Accounting Mate

This low cost, easy to install application has taken the traditional market by storm.  Call Accounting Mate is the most inexpensive solution given its robust features.  The software boasts a built-in web server, complete browser management and reporting,  a task scheduler and an embedded SQL database engine.

About is an online communications management company specializing in compact web browser call accounting solutions with offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. is the world leader in comprehensive, cost effective call accounting with its flagship product Call Accounting Mate.  We have offices regional representation  in United States, Canada,  United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia.  Our products are distributed by a network of distributors world wide.

Information about, its products and the company's support policies can be found on the World Wide Web at  

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Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Free download of call accounting software.
Call Accounting Software and Telemanagement - Try our online demo
After I have implemented Call Accounting Mate in my office, my accounting department is able to identify invoice errors in our phone bills promptly, resulting in thousands of dollars being saved. This cost-saving system has generated an immediate return of investment for my company. Thank you, Call Accounting Mate!
- Ashley J.
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