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Explanation of Settings --> CO Lines
« on: February 24, 2005, 04:56:38 AM »
Please note that CO line is also very often referred to as Trunk line.

Settings-->CO Lines page allows the following functions to be defined :

1. Mappings between CO line internal number and external phone number assigned to the line
2. Which department owns certain CO line

To manage CO line mappings use Add, Edit and Delete buttons on the page's bottom toolbar. Add and Edit buttons open CO line form containing fields described below:

1. CO.
This field contains CO line internal number as it reported by a PBX in the SMDR.

Phone number.
This field contains external phone number assigned to a certain CO line.

This field allows you to select which department owns the CO line. This information is used to build Daily Report by Department and Monthly Report by Department from Statistic section on Reports/List page. In these reports calls are grouped by department basing not on user extension reported by a PBX, but on CO line information and relations between lines and departments defined in this table.

Information in CO lines table can be used in online views and reports. To display CO line mappings in a view or a report you need to change report template and add CO/Line or/and Line column(s) to it.

Following is a sample of configuring report template to display external numbers assigned to CO lines:
1. Open Views/List/::Custom View Builder::
2. Press [..] button on the right side of Report template field to invoke template editor
3. Activate Columns tab in the template editor dialog box
4. Click CO column to open column edit form
5. Select Line column in the combobox
6. Press Save to apply changes
7. Close the template editor dialog box by pressing Close button
8. Press Apply button on ::Custom View Builder:: page to apply changes made in the report template
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