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Explanation of Settings --> Contacts
« on: February 24, 2005, 09:37:54 AM »
Settings-->Contacts page allows the following functions to be defined :

1. Mappings between phone number(s) and contact name

Call Accounting Mate allows you to assign phone number or several numbers to a contact name. This information can be used in online views and reports several ways. You can use contact name to place in any report or view supporting columns customization or filer a report or a view by a contact name. There is also section named Contacts Report on Reports/List page which allows to build various reports grouped by a contact name.

To manage contacts lookup table use Add and  Delete buttons on the page's bottom toolbar. To edit a contact just click it's row in contacts list. Adding a new contact or editing an existing one opens contact form containing fields described below:

Contact Name.
This field contains contact name.

Phones List.
This field contains comma separated list of phone numbers assigned to the contact name. You can either enter numbers directly or use [..] button on the right side of the filed to open Phone Numbers dialog. In the dialog you can enter phone numbers placing each number on new row. To apply changes made in the dialog and close the window press Ok button. Cancel discards changes made in phone numbers.
The page also allows you to import contacts information from an external file. File format is described in Importing contacts - Format of ASCII file article, which can be found in Call Accounting Mate FAQ.

Information in contacts table can be used in online views and reports. To display contacts mappings in a view or a report you need to change report template and add Number/Contact or/and Contact column(s) to it.

Following is a sample of configuring report template to display contact names assigned to phone numbers:
1. Open Views/List/::Custom View Builder::
2. Press [..] button on the right side of Report template field to invoke template editor
3. Activate Columns tab in the template editor dialog box
4. Click Number column to open column edit form
5. Select Contact column in the combobox instead of Number
6. Press Save to apply changes
7. Close the template editor dialog box by pressing Close button
8. Press Apply button on ::Custom View Builder:: page to apply changes made in the report template
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