Author Topic: Migrating CAM to a different machine  (Read 23705 times)


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Migrating CAM to a different machine
« on: December 07, 2004, 09:18:52 AM »
To migrate CAM to another computer, please follow the steps below :

1. Download and install CAM on the new computer. Do not launch the newly installed copy of the system.
2. Copy following files from c:\bill folder of the old CAM computer to the folder c:\bill of new computer:
  - calls.dat
  - bill.ini
  - smdrlog.txt
  When asked if you want to replace the existing file with the same name, answer yes. Make sure that CAM is not running on the new computer when copying the file over.
3. Run CAM on the new computer.

By copying the above files all your settings, extensions, calls and other data is also copied over. CAM will now run on a 14 days trial. If you are a registered CAM user, you will need to obtain a new key by emailing . You will also need to attach the old public key which can be found by clicking Web --> Register.

Please note there is a $25.00 Administration fee for obtaining a new license key.
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